Renewal of Certification Examination Overview

I. Introduction

The Renewal of Certification Exam is required to be completed prior to the Diplomates ten-year anniversary. The examination may be taken as often as needed, but must be completed prior the the ten-year anniversary.

Evidence of cognitive expertise based on performance on an examination is a requirement of Time-limited Diplomates in the Renewal of Certification Process (ROC-P) and is satisfied by the completion of the Renewal of Certification Examination

II. Objectives

The Renewal of Certification process is designed to meet rapidly changing science and technology head on, assisting Diplomates to provide the highest quality and healthcare to patients. The recertification will show the Diplomates:

  1. This demonstrates a continued in-depth knowledge and competency of the contemporary practice of pediatric dentistry.
  2. A commitment to lifelong learning, continuing scholarship and improvement.
  3. Affirm your professional standing.
  4. Satisfactory performance in practice/continuous quality improvement.

III. Eligibility for Application

Diplomats recognized by the PBPD are eligible to take the ROCE prior the expiration of the 10 year time-limited diplomate status.

IV. Application for Renewal of Certification Examination

A candidate may apply for the Renewal of Certification Examination on the ninth year of the ten (10) year cycle. An application for the examination can be downloaded. Once completed, application form must be return to the Secretariat by email or fax.

The application for Renewal of Certification Examination together with the examination fee must be submitted on or before the November 1 prior to the ROCE scheduled every February.

V. Cancellation and Forfeiture of Fees

       Cancellation prior to January 1  = forfeiture of 60% of the examination fee

      Cancellation after January 1 = forfeiture of 40% of the examination fee

      Failure to appear for exam  = forfeiture of the examination fee.

       Examination fees are not transferrable from one year to another.

To cancel application, a letter addressed to the PBPD Secretary must be submitted stating reason for cancellation. Failure to do so may forfeit whole amount of application fee.

VI. Description of the Examination

The examination is an "open book" 50 item, multiple choice examination completed during the ninth year of your ten (10) year cycle.

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After renewal of certification has been achieved, the Candidate will be awarded a ten-year time-limited Certificate of Diplomate of the Philippine Board of Pediatric Dentistry.

VII. Examination Blueprint

The Recertification Examination is based on contemporary general knowledge topics in pediatric dentistry. All possible answers may be plausible but only one response is the MOST correct.

The examination blueprint is:

Part 1: Prevention/Anticipatory Guidance Restorative and Prosthetics, Pulp Therapy Trauma/Child Abuse/Oral Surgery/ Periodontology

Part 2: Developing Dentition and Occlusion Craniofacial Growth Child Development/Assessment Radiology/Cephalometrics

Part 3: Oral Pathology/Oral Medicine Special Care Patients/Oral Special Care Patients/Medical Craniofacial Syndromes

Part 4: Non-Pharmocologic Behavior Guidance Pharmocologic Behavior Guidance Pharmacology/Pain Management Management of Medical Emergencies Risk Management/ Infection Control/Ethics

VIII. Grading

Results (pass or fail) are available immediately. Successful completion of the examination is based on 80% correct answers. If unsuccessful, the Diplomate must reapply to take the examination. The examination may be taken as often as needed, but must be successfully completed prior to the ten-year deadline.

IX. Re-examination Policy

A mechanism is available for appealing examination outcomes. A Notice of Appeals form is located on the PBPD website, This Notice of Appeals Form must be filed within 30 days of the date of the adverse decision notification letter on the Renewal of Certification examination.